LBLD Consulting


The Landmark School Outreach Program works with individual schools and school districts to design, refine, and implement programming for students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD). Through consultation, Landmark Outreach transfers knowledge and strategies learned and developed at the Landmark School to other settings ranging from classrooms to schools to entire districts. We generally recommend at least a year long commitment to LBLD consultation which involves a combination of workshops, small group work with teams of teachers, observation of classes, and direct feedback to teachers. 

Each consultation may also draw upon the Outreach Summer Institute, on-line instruction, and Outreach publications to complement direct consultation.  For each consultation, Outreach assigns a lead faculty member to work in partnership with the school or district and to coordinate the consultation.  Of note, Landmark Outreach faculty are practicing educators who spend each day working with students.  As such, Outreach faculty members fully grasp both the educational needs of students with language-based learning disabilities and the instructional needs of their teachers for practical and readily applicable teaching tools and strategies. 

In addition to our consultation model, Outreach offers a variety of workshops and seminars on-site at schools. View examples of language-based teaching topics.

For more information about consulting, programming, and fees, please contact Dan Ahearn, Director of Landmark Outreach, at 
or 978-236-3216.


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