ASHA CEUs: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ASHA? What are ASHA CEUs?

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national accrediting organization for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists. Members of these professions are required to engage in continuing education to maintain their certification. As such, these professionals accrue continuing education units (CEUs).

I am not an SLP or audiologist. Can I receive ASHA CEUs?

No. Only SLPs and audiologists can receive ASHA CEUs.

How do I know if a course is offered for ASHA CEUs?

You can identify courses being offered for ASHA CEUs by the brand block (logo) located below the course description and outcomes. This logo is also in the right sidebar of this page as a visual reference.


How are the continuing education units calculated?

For our Summer Institute Courses and Cape Cod Educator Seminars, ASHA CEUs are calculated based on minutes of “seat time.” Please note that breaks and lunchtime are not included in the calculation. Online course times are calculated based on data collected about time on various tasks during pilot runs of each course.

How does Landmark School Outreach determine which courses are offered for ASHA CEUs? Why aren’t all of the Landmark School Outreach courses offered for ASHA CEUs?

We consider a variety of factors in determining which courses will be offered for ASHA CEUs. These include, but are not limited to, the relevance of course content to the practice of speech-language pathology and/or audiology.

Who decides which courses to offer for ASHA CEUs?

The Landmark School Outreach Program is an approved ASHA Continuing Education (CE) Provider. Linda Gross serves as our ASHA CE Administrator and works with a committee to choose the courses to offer for ASHA CEUs, while following specific guidelines outlined by the ASHA CE board. Linda is a speech-language pathologist and Outreach faculty member.

Do I need to complete any paperwork to obtain ASHA CEUs?

Yes. You will be asked to complete an ASHA participant form at the conclusion of the course. Landmark Outreach will submit this form to the designated ASHA CE manager. The course will then be added to your ASHA CE transcript.

Are there any associated fees?

You are required to pay a fee directly to the ASHA CE Registry. There are no additional fees collected by the Landmark School Outreach Program. According to ASHA’s website, “The CE Registry awards ASHA CEUs and lists all the continuing education courses you have taken through ASHA’s network of Approved Continuing Education Providers for the years where the applicable fee has been paid.”

Can I still earn continuing education units towards my certificate maintenance for courses that are not offered for ASHA CEUs?

Yes! The Acceptable Activities for Professional Development page on the ASHA website provides an outline of acceptable activities. For example, “teacher-oriented content that is not related to the professions but enhances your ability to better serve your clients” We believe that many of our Outreach courses would be considered “acceptable activities”, even if they are not offered for ASHA CEUs. It is recommended that you maintain a record of course completion for such courses (e.g., certificate of attendance).

What other information might be helpful for me to know?

We encourage you to visit the continuing education page on the ASHA website for more specific information about obtaining ASHA CEUs.

Please go to the Landmark School Outreach website for a complete listing of our Summer Institute, Cape Cod, and Online courses and contact information.

Landmark School Outreach offers many face-to-face and online courses that speech-language pathologists and audiologists can complete to receive ASHA CEUs. Here are some frequently asked question and answers about ASHA CEUs.


Programs that offer ASHA CEUs:

Look for this logo on ASHA approved courses:



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