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Landmark School’s most useful and relevant topics are available as ONLINE courses for middle and high school students.

About Our Courses:

Landmark Online’s mission is to bring high-quality online education to students everywhere. Our courses help students gain essential active learning skills that they will benefit from now and in the future.

All courses were built in conjunction with eLearning Innovation following the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Additionally, all course work aligns with Landmark’s Six Teaching principles™ , and the 5 key elements of Executive Function were considered during course development.

Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles Elements of Executive Function
1. Provide opportunities for success – Attention
2. Use multisensory approaches – Memory
3. Micro-unit and structure tasks – Emotion
4. Ensure automatization through practice & review – Motivation
5. Provide models – Effort
6. Include students in the learning process


Current Course Offerings:

All courses are broken into 10 manageable modules that build on skill development.

> Study Skills: Executive Function 101:Our signature Study Skills course offers middle and high school students supports and strategies to help them organize their time more effectively, manage materials and the vast amount of information they are expected to absorb and understand in a more productive manner, and generally become more self-aware as learners. The result is a student with greater competence, confidence, and tool-kit for greater productivity.

> Foundations of Effective Writing: In this course, middle and high school students will practice the building blocks of writing using a highly structured, scaffolded approach. Participants will develop a range of skills from sentence and paragraph structure to proofreading—and everything in between.

> Mastering Writing and Reading Comprehension: Middle and high school students who have some foundational writing skills will enhance their comprehension of literature and strengthen their written expression through a process-driven approach to composition and the practical integration of writing strategies.

> Fundamentals of Research Writing for College: High school students who are ready to prepare for college-level writing will learn the fundamentals of planning, organizing, and composing research papers and other documents necessary for success in college. The capstone project will be the construction and execution of a short argumentative paper.

For more information, please contact:

Lauren Michaud, Project Manager


Chris Murphy, Director


“The program was great. It was amazing to see my students’ personalities come alive when interacting independently with new teachers.” When asked what the highlights were, “The independence. Different studying strategies. One of the kids favorite modules was the organization module. I think this is an area many kids struggle with! It was even helpful for me.”

Teacher, Boston Public Schools

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