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Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI) with HILL for Literacy

Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI) is a multi-tiered program featuring a series of teaching routines designed to increase the effectiveness of reading instruction in grades K-2. The routines, detailed in professional development books, are used to enhance ANY core reading program. Enhanced Core Reading Instruction also offers materials aligned to published core reading programs including Journeys Common Core 2014Journeys 2011Reading Street Common Core 2013Reading Street 2011, Ready Gen, and Wonders. These materials are used for both Tier 1 enhancement and Tier 2 intervention. Unlike many Tier 2 intervention programs, the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction materials are highly aligned with the core reading program. The Tier 2 intervention pre-teaches the content of the core reading program to increase students’ success and confidence during Tier 1 instruction. Developed by researchers at the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon, Enhanced Core Reading Instruction has been rigorously studied in nearly 50 elementary schools with hundreds of classrooms, and thousands of students. High-quality studies have demonstrated substantive improvements in the reading achievement.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the essential components of a comprehensive Foundational Skills Lesson
  • integrate the elements of Effective and Explicit Literacy Instruction into instructional routines
  • describe the hierarchy of sub-skills mastery for Foundational Skill Development from the sub-lexical level to morpheme, word, multisyllabic word, and text level
  • explain the importance of an aligned multi-tiered system of support for literacy instruction, which is unique to ECRI



This course is appropriate for lower elementary school educators (grades K-2).


Course Information

5 hours/PDPs (included)
1.0 ASHA CEUs (optional)
Dates/Time Price
July 23-24, 2018
8:30am - 3:00pm

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Teachers Say...

Over 98% of educators felt that their Outreach Summer Institute seminar provided them with strategies and tools that will help their students.

About the Instructor

Eleni X. Steadman, MS, CCC, SLP

Eleni is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Reading Specialist. She earned a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Boston University and an M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Institute of Health Professions, an academic affiliate of the Massachusetts General Hospital. She also earned Certification in Reading from the IHP. Eleni worked in the North Andover Public Schools for five years, where she serviced a variety of students with oral and written language disabilities. She co-taught during literacy blocks, providing explicit instruction to students and modeling reading lessons for teachers. Eleni has been trained in several multi-sensory reading programs including LiPS, Project Read, RAVE-O, Fundations, and ECRI. She has also received training in all 12 LETRS modules, the Key Comprehension Routine, and is a DIBELS Mentor. Eleni has been a facilitator for the HILL for ten years and has worked on a variety of school change projects. She now serves as the Director of Professional Development and Outreach.  Eleni stays involved with children’s diverse learning needs with her own children, Will (13) and Estella (9), and her many nieces and nephews.

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