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2 Day Seminars

Creating & Utilizing Interactive Notebooks in Math – Summer Institute 2019

Please note registration for Creating & Utilizing Interactive Notebooks in Math is no longer available.

Below is a listing of additional mathematics courses being offered at our Prides Crossing, Mass. location, between July 8 and 26, 2019. Please click on the course title for dates, costs, and additional course details.

1 Day Workshops
Math Strategies for Students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Including Dyscalculia


2 Day Seminars
Technology for Teaching Math
Develop Cardinality and Number Sense with Whole-to-Part Icons of Quantity


Weeklong Graduate Courses
Teaching Mathematics Using Alternative Strategies and Modalities
Explore and Create Powerful Activities for your Math Classroom

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Over 98% of educators felt that their Outreach Summer Institute seminar provided them with strategies and tools that will help their students.

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Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Word Study

Phonemic awareness and phonics are two foundational prerequisite skills for reading development, but current research suggests that word study may be a more appropriate approach for older students.