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Strategies to Support Students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Seekonk – Winter Online 2020

Course Credit 15 Hours/PDPs

This 15-hour strategy-based professional development course addresses the specific language challenges that students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD), such as dyslexia, face and the impact that their learning differences may have on their academic behavior.

Course modules/units

  • Overview of LBLD┬ápresents an introduction to language-based learning disabilities and best practices for assisting students with LBLD to develop their language skills.
    • 4 hours: Two 1-hour Zooms and 2 hours self-paced
  • Co-teaching strategies┬ápresents the primary models for co-teaching and includes information about best practices.
    • 3 hours: 1-hour Zoom and 2 hours self-paced
  • Executive function and study skills presents an overview of executive function, as well as an overview of study skills. It also explores the importance of study skills for developing strong executive function and overall academic achievement, particularly for students with language-based learning disabilities
    • 3 hours: 1-hour Zoom and 2 hours self-paced
  • Overview of reading development and instructional strategies presents an overview of reading development, explores how reading development is impacted for students with language-based learning disabilities, and provides instructional tools and strategies.
    • 5 hours: Two 1-hour Zooms and 3 hours self-paced

Course Information

15 PDPs/Hours, provided by your district
Dates/Time Price
Jan. 11 - June 7, 2021 $0

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