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Metacognition in the Writing Process

Landmark School uses a five-step, sequential model for teaching writing skills that incorporates modeling and teaching metacognition throughout each step. This process includes brainstorming, organizing (via mapping and the use of graphic organizers), rough drafting, proofreading, and final drafting. These writing strategies can be applied to paragraph, multi-paragraph, and essay-level writing assignments across the curriculum. This seminar will also include techniques for oral rehearsal, paragraph framing, the use of hands-on materials, portfolio assessment, and research writing. Additionally, the role of metacognition in fostering student resilience will be discussed.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify the common writing deficits of students with learning disabilities
  • break down the complexity of the expository writing process
  • demonstrate how metacognition can be modeled in ways that help students improve their writing
  • demonstrate brainstorming techniques
  • explain organizing techniques and the use of graphic organizers and templates
  • reconstruct the steps in paragraph framing, drafting, and research writing
  • develop writing lessons that incorporate all five steps in the process



This course is appropriate for educators of grades 3+.



Participants must bring a textbook or materials that they currently use/will use with students for the application portions of the course. This will facilitate participants’ ability to see how the skills apply to their own curriculum.

Course Information

36 hours/PDPs, 3 graduate credits (fee included in course tuition)
Dates/Time Price
July 23-27, 2018
8:30am - 4:00pm

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Teachers Say...

"Wonderful! I am walking away with so much applicable information. Everything was helpful and relevant."

Maria White

About the Instructor

Janet Parady

Janet is the head of the language arts department at Landmark High School, and the author of The Trickster in African and African-American Folktales, the Landmark tutorial training manual, and other writing curricula. In her twenty-seven years at Landmark, she has also been a tutor, teacher, and academic case manager.
Janet has presented seminars for educators and parents throughout the country regarding methods for instructing all students within the language arts context, and she has been an educational consultant for several schools. Janet has also served as a writing instructor for Simmons College.


About the Instructor

Keryn Kwedor

Keryn has taught at Landmark High School in the language arts and literature departments since 2003. As associate director, she manages content development and production, and she assists in overseeing all aspects of the program. For Outreach, Keryn has been a school consultant, produced materials for the DESE, and organized the Professional Development Seminars for Cape Cod Educators, in addition to coordinating and teaching courses for the Summer Institute, Landmark Outreach Online, and the Landmark SNHU partnership. Keryn holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Colby College and a master’s degree in special education from Simmons College.

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