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Phonemic Awareness, Fall River – Section 2


Hours/PDPs: 27

3 graduate credits are also available. If participants pursue graduate credit, then they will need to complete additional assignments. Graduate credit is provided by Colorado State University-Pueblo.



Research verifies the importance of phonemic awareness (the ability to think consciously about and manipulate individual sounds within words) as a precursor to successful reading. Many students, especially those with language-based learning disabilities, need to be explicitly taught strategies to improve phonemic awareness skills. This course uses published materials developed by Charles, Patricia, and Phyllis Lindamood to teach participants to identify individuals with poorly developed phonemic awareness, and to enhance these students’ ability to perceive, compare, and manipulate sounds within words.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • develop techniques students can use to perceive and represent the sameness or difference, number, and order of speech sounds both in sequences of isolated sounds and in syllable units
  • explain how students can associate speech sounds with the alphabetic symbols that represent them, and use these sound-symbol associations to spell and read real words, including multisyllable words
  • summarize strategies for handling student errors
  • list methods to aid students in perceiving minimal changes within and between syllable units as one syllable is maintained and compared with another
  • develop effective lesson plans for students working at a variety of levels within phonemic awareness instruction 
  • summarize the importance of pacing within the scope and sequence of phonemic awareness instruction 



The following materials will be provided by your instructor during the initial course meetings
Physical materials, as well as online templates and the textbook

Course Information

27 hours/PDPs
3 graduate credits also available
Dates/Time Price
August 16-20, 2021 $0

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