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2 Day Seminars

Reading Comprehension: Variables that Lead to Better Understanding

This seminar addresses metacognitive knowledge, motivation insight, and the appropriate use of strategies to increase reading comprehension. Emphasis will be placed on supporting the skillful selection of strategies necessary for students to make meaning when “reading to learn.” Many students who struggle with slower processing of information and compromised executive functioning benefit from the development of metacognitive skills and the application of strategies to improve reading comprehension.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:


  • describe literacy acquisition as a developmental and educational process
  • identify the causes of reading disabilities
  • apply schemata (the building blocks of cognition) to instructional practice
  • explain techniques to facilitate student motivation



This course is appropriate for educators at the middle and high school levels.



Participants wishing to receive 1 graduate credit for this course must bring payment of $200 on the first day of the seminar. Payment must be made via credit card or check made out to Fitchburg State University. Cash or Purchase Order will not be accepted for this payment.

Course Information

10 hours/PDPs
Dates/Time Price
July 16-17, 2018
8:30am - 3:00pm

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Teachers Say...

“I learned so much more than just reading comprehension in this course! The perspective on how children learn to read gave me a greater understanding of the students I’m teaching. Adam is a phenomenal educator who made transparent to many things that have seemed opaque for so long. Bravo!”

Kara Jewett

About the Instructor

Adam Hickey

Adam is currently the Landmark School research coordinator and a Landmark Outreach consultant. Previously, Adam taught American literature in addition to his administrative role as an academic advisor. Adam is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he studied language and literacy development. While studying at Harvard, he taught at the Maria L. Baldwin School in Cambridge as a reading specialist and explored the influence of early intervention on struggling readers at the elementary level. He also holds a master’s degree in education from Simmons College. Adam is a licensed reading specialist and moderate special needs educator.


Financial:  Mr. Hickey does not receive a speaking fee for his presentation. The Landmark School Outreach Program may receive compensation for any follow up consultation work he performs relating to his presentation.  As a Consultant for the Outreach Program, Mr. Hickey does receive compensation in the form of his salary.
Nonfinancial:  Mr. Hickey states no nonfinancial relationship exists.

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