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Unpacking the Science of Reading, In-Person – Summer Institute 2023

This course is also offered in a virtual format on a different day!



  • Delivery mode: In-person
  • Attendance: Live, on the date and time listed in the course information section



The science of reading is an ever-growing body of research from cognitive scientists and neuroscientists, educational psychologists, researchers and professionals, and developmental scientists that explains and analyzes how the brain learns to read. The human brain was not wired for reading; it is not an innate skill that develops naturally like listening and speaking. Instead, reading must be taught through an explicit, multimodal approach. This 1-day workshop will provide an overview of the science of reading and how the key takeaways should impact reading instruction. 

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand that the science of reading is collection of research from experts in the field of cognitive, educational, and neurosciences. 
  • Explain the Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Reading Rope
  • Understand the role of phonemic awareness and background knowledge in reading development
  • Determine appropriate instructional practices to explicitly teach reading



This course is appropriate for educators who work with all grade levels.



Materials will be provided on-site.

Course Information

5 Hours
Dates/Time Price
July 10, 2023
8:30am - 3:00pm

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Teachers Say...

Over 98% of educators felt that their Outreach Summer Institute seminar provided them with strategies and tools that will help their students.

About the Instructor

Kristine M. Burgess, M.Ed, M.S.Ed

Kristine began working at Landmark High School in 2010 as a language arts tutorial teacher after having earned her bachelor’s degree from Stonehill College. She has since earned her master’s degree in special education from Simmons University and a master’s degree in education from Endicott College with a focus on Reading & Literacy. She now also holds a Reading Specialist License. Since 2014, Kristine has taught courses through Landmark Outreach related to Reading Instruction, Executive Function and Assistive and Educational Technology and supporting students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities. She also researched and compiled topics for the monthly Free Landmark Teaching Strategies related to the use and role of technology in the classroom, working memory, processing speed, the Collaborative Strategic Reading approach, and supporting students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities. She currently heads the reading department, in addition to teaching two small group classes in that department.

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