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Cape Cod Two-Day Seminars

Study Skills: Practical Strategies to Support Academic Proficiency (Cape Cod)

This seminar provides participants an overview of study skills, defined as the effective organization of materials, time, and information. While the development of study skills can benefit all learners, study skills instruction will be presented as a response to skill deficits resulting from a language-based learning disability and/or executive function weakness. A variety of strategies to support organization will be presented. Management strategies will include organizing physical materials (such as binders), digital materials (such as files and emails), backpacks, lockers, and workspaces. Time management strategies will include planning for long term-assignments, avoiding procrastination, estimating time, and setting priorities. Information management will include note-taking from oral and written sources and test preparation strategies.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify the role of study skills in supporting academic proficiency in students with executive function deficits and/or language-based learning disabilities
  • assess students’ current study skills and identify targeted strategies to help build students’ skills sets
  • apply direct skill instruction to support students’ effective organization of materials, time, and information through engaging activities and lessons


Appropriate for educators at all levels.

Course Information

10 Hours/PDPs, 1 Graduate Credit ($200 additional fee payable on first day of seminar)
Dates/Time Price
July 30-31, 2018
8:30am - 3:00pm

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Teachers Say...

"The two day seminar was a very positive experience. The instructors were great and I learned a lot. I’ll be able to apply what I learned in my classroom this coming school year."

Laura Beatty
Special Education Teacher

About the Instructor

Kate Kinsman

Kate teaches a variety of language arts and study skills courses at Landmark High School. She also serves as a grant writer for Landmark Outreach, as well as assistant director of the Summer Institute. Prior to joining Landmark in 2013, she worked for national, education-focused nonprofits. Kate holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond, a master’s of public administration from New York University, and a master’s in moderate special education from Simmons College.

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