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Study Skills: Practical Strategies to Support Academic Proficiency

This week-long graduate level course provides participants an overview of study skills, defined as the effective organization of materials, time, and information. While the development of study skills can benefit all learners, study skills instruction will be presented as a response to skill deficits resulting from a language-based learning disability and/or executive function weakness. A variety of strategies to support organization will be presented. Materials management strategies will include organizing physical materials (such as binders), digital materials (such as files and emails), backpacks, lockers, and workspaces. Time management strategies will include planning for long term-assignments, avoiding procrastination, estimating time, and setting priorities. Information management will include note-taking from oral and written sources and test preparation strategies.

Participants will be asked to identify opportunities to integrate effective study skills instruction into their own curriculum. Participants will develop curriculum scope and sequence, lesson plans, assignments, etc., in order to prepare to implement study skills instruction in their educational settings.  


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify the role of study skills in supporting academic proficiency for students with executive function deficits and/or language-based learning disabilities
  • assess students’ current study skills and identify targeted strategies to help build students’ skills sets
  • apply direct skill instruction to support students’ effective organization of materials, time, and information through engaging activities and lessons
  • measure student success and provide individualized support to ensure progress towards academic proficiency



Participants must bring a textbook or materials that they currently use/will use with students for the application portions of the seminar. This will facilitate participants’ ability to see how the skills apply to their own curriculum.


This course is appropriate for educators at all levels.

Course Information

3 Graduate Credits (included)
Dates/Time Price
July 23-27, 2018
8:30am - 4:00pm

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Teachers Say...

“This seminar was fantastic! So useful and applicable in classroom! Katie was so well composed and kind. She gave awesome tips and answered questions well. I feel like I really have a whole new arsenal of ideas and tools to pull from this year on my class now."

Amanda Faucher

About the Instructor

Katie Chhu

Katie Chhu teaches study skills classes and one-on-one language arts tutorials at Landmark High School. She earned her bachelors of arts from Holy Cross and her master’s degree in special education from Simmons College. As the Director of Landmark Outreach’s Online Program, she develops, teaches, and coordinates online courses for professional development. She lives in Beverly with her husband, a fellow Landmark teacher, and their son.

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