Help your Students Incorporate Descriptive Language in their Writing

Have your students ever had difficulty coming up with descriptive words when writing? To make words more accessible, try the ‘personal adjective bank’ below. This template provides boxes for students to “bank” the various categories of adjectives they encounter during class when reading about or discussing a topic in preparation for writing. With a sample adjective in each box, students can add words, then choose from the list when writing. Grouping words seems to help students with language-based learning disabilities recall specific adjectives when needed. Remember, this is not a “new vocabulary” list; the students are familiar with the meaning of each adjective when reading or hearing the words, yet the adjectives might not be as easily accesible when writing or speaking without the ‘personal adjective bank.’

Strategies to Download

Personal Adjective Bank

Try this practical teaching strategy by using the following personal adjective bank.


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