2nd Edition – From Talking to Writing: Strategies for Supporting Narrative and Expository Writing

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250 pages, soft cover

This new, significantly updated edition of From Talking to Writing offers welcome help for any educator working with students who struggle with writing and/or expressive language skills. From word choice to sentence structure and composition development, this book provides step-by-step strategies for teaching narrative and expository writing.

What you’ll find in this second edition:

  • Theory behind language difficulties and appropriate instructional practices
  • Techniques for teaching word choice and proper grammar
  • Instructional strategies to help students organize and expand their writing
  • Scaffolded templates for sentence, paragraph, and essay instruction—ready to use in the classroom with clear instruction, teaching dialogues, and sample responses

What’s *NEW* in this edition:

  • Personal sequence narrative techniques
  • Semantic features analysis
  • Sentence expansion strategies
  • Micro-discourse text elaboration
  • Common Core Standard indexing

Any educator looking for tools to assist students in mastering writing structure, language expression, and/or narrative development using a thematic approach will find this book useful. Teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs) will also find the strategies in this book useful in teaching sentence structure and composition skills.

The new edition of From Talking to Writing also includes a link to download the templates that can be found in the appendix.

“Every writing teacher should own From Talking to Writing. Full of wisdom gained from decades of teaching experience combined with deep immersion in research and theory, the authors provide guidance on the questions that arise in every writing teacher’s mind … I’ve used these strategies with my students and been absolutely amazed at the beauty, clarity, and depth I see when I read my students’ finished products now. This book will live on your shelf for a long time, quickly becoming dog-eared as you reference it over and over.”

 – Dr. Leslie Laud, Director ThinkSRSD & Bank Street College of Education (New York, NY)

“Many books have addressed reading instruction for students with learning and language disabilities, but few have dealt with their writing problems. This volume describes methods for explicit instruction in vocabulary and sentence construction as preparation for instruction in strategies for planning and revising. Teachers will find much of value here.”

– Dr. Charles A. MacArthur, Professor – University of Delaware

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About the Author

Terrill M. Jennings & Charles W. Haynes

Terrill Jennings, a founding teacher of Landmark School, has taught students with dyslexia for more than forty years. She has chaired and co-chaired the Language Arts department at Landmark’s Elementary•Middle School, and she also co-founded Landmark’s Expressive Language Program. Her particular instructional focus is developing techniques and strategies for teaching written expression. Terrill received her master’s in reading from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In her retirement, Terrill has acted as the reading coordinator for volunteer tutors at a Massachusetts inner city school. She has also consulted for the Dyslexia Reading Center in Dubai, UAE. In December 2016, the Massachusetts branch of the International Dyslexia Association presented Terrill with the Alice H. Garfield Award for outstanding commitment and service to children who struggle with reading.

Dr. Charles Haynes is a professor and clinical supervisor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston. He has a Master of Science in speech-language pathology and received his doctorate in reading, language, and learning disabilities from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Haynes has over thirty years of experience teaching children and adolescents with dyslexia, conducts research on predictors of spoken-written language relationships, and has received several awards for his teaching. He has authored over forty publications on applied and theoretical topics related to language learning development and disabilities. In fall of 2014, the International Dyslexia Association presented him with the Margaret Byrd Rawson Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the field and for his support of persons with dyslexia and related language learning difficulties.

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