Blended Online Course Cohorts

Our blended online courses combine the flexibility of online learning along with the benefits of an in-person seminar. 

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In-Person Seminars: 2 to 3 hour workshop prior to the start of the course for orientation, collaboration, and an introduction to some of the course content. Option to also schedule a 2 to 3 hour workshop at the end of the course to explore course content in more depth and collaborate on how to adapt course content in your setting.

Online Portion: For 15-hour courses, the online course is completed in six to eight weeks following the seminar. You can determine preferred duration. For our 3-credit courses, the online course is completed in 10 weeks following the seminar. 

Group Size: 20 participants maximum per course section

Group Description: Appropriate for educators of all levels 


Courses available: 

What is LBLD?

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What is LBLD?

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Learn more information about purely online school and district cohorts.

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Contact Kate Kinsman for information about pricing and availability. She can be reached at or (978) 236-3348.

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