Outreach Topics

Some of the language-based teaching topics covered by Outreach faculty can be found below

 Teaching Students with Language-Based Learning Disabilities

  • Overview of Language-Based Learning Disabilities (LBLD)
  • Language-Based Classroom: Elementary School
  • Language-Based Classroom: Middle School
  • Language-Based Classroom: High School
  • Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles in Your Classroom
  • Cultivating Motivation and Constructing Self-Determination in the LBLD Student
  • Target Strategies for Assisting Students with LBLD
  • Supporting Students with LBLD in Post-Secondary Planning


  • Introduction to Assessment of Academic Skills
  • Understanding Assessment Measures
  • Language-Based Learning Disabilities and the Neuropsychological Evaluation

Expressive Language: Oral Expression and Pragmatics

  • Oral Communication and the Student with LBLD
  • Oral Expression Techniques and Strategies for Content Area Teachers
  • Understanding and Teaching Students with Expressive Language Disorders
  • Social Communication Disorders and Executive Function
  • Social Communication Disorders: Practical Strategies


  • Reading Development
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension

Executive Function and Study Skills

  • Executive Function: The Basics
  • Executive Function: Advanced
  • Study Skills: Elementary and Middle School
  • Study Skills: High School
  • Teaching Effective Test-Taking Skills

Expressive Language: Writing

  • Teaching Writing: Sentences to Paragraphs
  • Teaching Writing: Paragraphs to Essays
  • Writing Across the Curricula
  • Written Expression Strategies


  • Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • Accessible Middle School Math: Interactive Multimodal Lessons
  • Interacting with Mathematics
  • Algebra 1: September to June
  • Creating & Utilizing Interactive Student Notebooks in Math


  • Seminar for Paraprofessionals, Ed. Techs. and Aides
  • Special Education Law
  • Technology and the LBLD Student
  • Technology: Practical Tips for Classroom Use
  • Games for Learning
  • Multisensory Learning

What is LBLD?

Check out this explanation on our resources page.

What is LBLD?

How can you better serve students with LBLD?

Explore three different options: language-based instruction, language-based classrooms, language-based programs.

LBLD Programs

For more information about consulting, programming, and fees, please contact Dan Ahearn, Director of Landmark Outreach at 978-236-3216.

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Our latest strategy

Social Emotional Learning: Relationship Skills

Given the receptive and expressive difficulties experienced by many students with language-based learning differences, relationship skills can be complex to learn, develop, and practice.