Cape Cod Educator Seminars

Join us in Hyannis, Massachusetts, for several dynamic seminars for educators - Monday July 29th & Tuesday July 30th, 2019.

This year’s Cape Cod Seminars will offer several two-day seminars in Hyannis, MA, that help educators hone their teaching skills. Course offerings are practical, evidence-based, and designed and delivered by teachers, for teachers. Outreach’s two-day seminars target a specific approach to supporting learners in the classroom, and provide participants with handouts they can use or adapt for their students.

There is no specific deadline to register – courses are open until they reach capacity.

The 2019 Cape Cod Seminars will be held on Monday July 29th & Tuesday July 30th. 

The following courses represent our offerings from last year’s event.

Reading Fluency: From Words to Passages

This course presents a discussion and analysis of reading fluency and the decoding components which comprise it. The scope and sequence of decoding patterns from sound-symbol relationships through advanced patterns…

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Language-Based Learning Disabilities and the Neuropsychological Evaluation

This seminar focuses on identifying students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD); understanding the differences between LBLD and a non-verbal learning disability (NVLD); and understanding/interpreting the evaluation process…

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Develop Cardinality and Number Sense with Whole-to-Part Icons of Quantity

A student with dyslexia who is confused by typical math instruction can excel when instructed in a way that always shows the big picture first, uses visual-spatial images, and  examines directly how the parts are connected to the whole…

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Study Skills: Practical Strategies to Support Academic Proficiency

This seminar provides participants an overview of study skills, defined as the effective organization of materials, time, and information. While the development of study skills can benefit all learners, study skills instruction…

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The Role of Technology with Executive Function

Executive function is a term given to a set of skills (e.g., impulse control, sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, planning and prioritizing, organization) that require students to self-regulate. Increasingly, research in education…

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An Overview of Language-Based Learning Disabilities

This seminar will offer insight regarding the educational implications of language-based learning disabilities for students in today’s classrooms. Topics of discussion will include an overview of neurodevelopmental variation…

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Join us in 2019!

Monday July 29th & Tuesday July 30th in Hyannis, MA.

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These seminars have been made possible by the generosity of the Bilezikian Family Foundation since 2010


Cape Code Educator Seminars

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