These resources were created and/or collected by Outreach staff to assist you in better understanding how to teach students with LBLD.

  • Dyslexia Tests

    Understand more about dyslexia tests. The University of Michigan Dyslexia Help website outlines and describes 14 tests that clinicians find useful in helping and assessing students with dyslexia.

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  • Debunk Popular Dyslexia Myths

    Debunk popular dyslexia myths. This KQED article outlines that the learning challenges that individuals with dyslexia face are not the result of a brain disease but are due to the unique wiring of their brains. The article also summarizes the work popular and well-known theorists and scientists on the topic of what dyslexia is and

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  • Reading Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners

    Learn reading comprehension strategies for English language learners (ELL).  This ASCD article outlines several strategies that educators can use to help boost ELL’s reading comprehension. 

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  • Special Education and English Language Learners

    Explore the topic of special education and English language learners with this curated list of resources developed by Colorin Colorado.

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  • Dyslexia Assessments

    Understand the importance of dyslexia assessments. This IDA article explains that an educational assessment is the first step in getting students who may be struggling the reading help that they need to find academic success.

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  • Previewing Vocabulary Before Reading

    Understand the importance of previewing vocabulary before reading.  This Keys to Literacy blog post outlines concrete ways that teachers can preview vocabulary before reading and how this can help with overall comprehension of the text

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  • Helping Students Avoid the “I Don’t Know” Trap

    By Hazel Crowley “I don’t know.” It’s the ultimate classroom buzzkill. A dreaded non-answer. A gut punch of a phrase that routinely sends me plummeting on the roller coaster of even the best-prepared lesson. After battling with one particularly cautious class, I developed the following approach.  Brainstorm The first step is to address the elephant

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  • Colorin Colorado

    Explore the Colorin Colorado website. This site is dedicated to helping educators design effective instruction and create a supportive classroom setting for English language learners.

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  • Effective Vocabulary Instruction

    Explore what makes effective vocabulary instruction. This article by Joan Sedita explains why vocabulary instruction is an essential piece of reading instruction and outlines strategies that teachers can use to boost vocabulary instruction in their settings.

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