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Landmark School and Landmark Outreach

Landmark School was founded in 1971 by visionary Dr. Charles Drake. Due to Dr. Drake’s own experience as a dyslexic learner, he pursued an Ed.D. in education from Harvard University, and after receiving his degree, founded a diagnostic center, the Reading Research Institute, in Wellesley, Mass. As he diagnosed children and adolescents with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities (LBLDs), he realized that remedial programs in private or public schools for these students were almost non-existent in the 1970s. Dr. Drake explored the works of many others in the field and, based on this research and his own experience, he founded Landmark School for this specific group of learners.

Out of Dr. Drake’s vision came Landmark School’s mission: To empower students with dyslexia and other LBLDs to reach their educational and social potential through an exemplary school program complemented by assessment, research, outreach, and training.

Knowing that more students with LBLDs existed than Landmark School could serve on its two campuses, Landmark School Outreach Program (Outreach) was founded in 1977 to extend the School’s mission. Outreach’s mission is to empower students with LBLDs by offering educators meaningful and effective professional development grounded in theory and practice.

Since its inception, Outreach has partnered with hundreds of school districts and thousands of educators to enhance instruction for students with LBLDs. Outreach’s highly experienced faculty partner with educators to help students achieve their academic potential. Outreach provides educators with a comprehensive and integrated approach to language-based instruction, including program design, instructional coaching, and professional development.

Together, Landmark School and Landmark Outreach hope to reach as many students with LBLD as possible, both on campus and beyond.

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Landmark Outreach is proud to share strategies from Landmark School with thousands of educators each year.

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