Online Course Sections for Schools and Districts

Build shared knowledge and gain practical instructional strategies to help students succeed.

Online Professional Development Cohorts

Landmark Outreach offers dedicated online course sections for districts, schools, or groups to earn professional development hours together.

  • A dedicated section is one 6-week, 15-hour Landmark Outreach online course with up to 20 participants.
  • All courses are facilitated by experienced Landmark instructors.   
  • If the course requires a textbook, a copy for each participant will be provided
  • All participants who complete the required coursework during the allotted 6-week term will be emailed a 15-hour certificate.  

Please contact Katie Chhu, Director of Online Programs, at or 978-236-3404 for more information or to request a dedicated section.   

What courses can we offer your teachers?

See our course descriptions for 15-hour course options.

Course Descriptions

“What impressed me was that this course is not just about giving teachers things to do but rather focuses on giving us the information from which we can create our own strategies with the students. Bottom line, Landmark trains teachers to know how to maximize learning for all students.”

Joyce Hooley-Bartlett
High School Teacher & Learning Center Coordinator

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