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What does self-paced mean?

Our 15-hour course is comprised of 6 modules to be completed over the course of 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks, you may work through the content as quickly or slowly as your schedule allows. There are not specific days or times that you must log in to participate, but you will be working through the course with a Landmark faculty member as your instructor, as well as other participants with whom you can process and discuss content and assignments. Some participants utilize the entire 6-week period to complete the course, while others with more free time have completed the course in a much shorter time period.

How are the 15-hour and 3-credit courses different?

Our 15-hour course is a 6 week course during which time you may work through the course content and assignments at your own pace. As long as you have finished the course at the end of of the 6 week time period, you will receive a certificate for 15 PDPs/hours.

The 3-credit course is a bit more structured, with weekly assignments due over the course of the 10 weeks. Although there are not specific times that participants must log in, the pace of the course is much more structured with more independent work than a 15-hour course. Participants who complete this course will receive 3 graduate credits.

Is there an instructor?

All of our courses are actively facilitated by a Landmark instructor who brings this teaching experience to the course.

Do I need to be a current educator to take the course?

While the courses were developed specifically for educators, you do not need to be a current teacher with access to students in order to complete the assignments. Although the content is targeted for educators, non-educators have enrolled in our courses to learn more about language-based learning disabilities.

When will I get my login information?

You will receive information regarding how to log into your course via a reminder email one week prior to the start of your online course. Please note that you will not actually be able to log in until the start date of your course.

How do I login and begin the course?

Using the login information found in your reminder email, you may begin to log in on the start date of your course by visiting Should you need any assistance or a password reset, please contact

How do I register?

Our registration process is online.

If you are an educator self-registering yourself, you can register directly from our website. If you are an administrator registering one other colleague, you can register directly from our website as well.

If you are an administrator who wants to register multiple educators (two or more), you can still register directly from our website. After you login to your account, look for the text that says “Registering multiple participants? Click here for group registration” to register a small group between two and eight educators. If you do not see this group registration text and want to use it, it is related to a limited number of seats still available in the course.

Questions or need further assistance? Email us at

What are the payment options?

We accept two payment types – credit card and purchase orders. When you are registering from our website, you will select your payment type (credit card or purchase order) at checkout. If you select credit card, you’ll be asked to input your credit card information. If you select purchase order, a box will appear, and the purchase order number can be entered.

Note: If you wish to register with a purchase order, but your PO cannot be generated until FY24, please register from our website and use the following code in the PO box: PO generated FY24. This will alert us that your PO is forthcoming after July 1

What materials are required?

You need an internet connection in order to access your course. We recommend using a laptop or tablet, but courses are also accessible on a mobile device.

Some of our courses require textbooks that are not included in the cost of tuition. Please check the individual course descriptions to know if your course requires a textbook.

How do I get my textbook?

Textbooks published by Landmark Outreach may be purchased through our publications page. Some course textbooks, however, are not published by Landmark Outreach and can be purchased on Amazon or through a similar book distributor. Please contact us if you have difficulty locating a required text for one of our online courses.

Some of our publications are also available in iBook and Kindle formats. You may find links to these eBook options on the individual book listings on our web site.

My textbook hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Book orders are typically shipped once per week at the end of the week, and the speed of delivery depends on your selected shipping method at checkout.

If you order has not yet arrived, please contact to check the tracking information.

Who awards the graduate credit / what institution?

We are excited to partner with Colorado State University – Pueblo to offer graduate credits for our online courses. When your course begins, you will be prompted to fill out a registration form for CSU-Pueblo. They will email you instructions for logging in to view your grades once your course is completed.

How do I access a transcript for my graduate credits?

Landmark Outreach does not have access to your transcripts at Colorado State University – Pueblo. To request an official transcript, please visit the CSU-Pueblo website.

If you took a course with us prior to Fall 2018 and are in need of a transcript, please reach out to the Fitchburg State University registrar to access your records.

What if I turn in work late or need an extension?

Submitting work late will receive a penalty of at least 10 percent per week applied to the grade achieved. Extensions can be granted at the discretion of the instructor. All participants must submit coursework no later than the last day of the term.

How much do your online courses cost?

A 15-hour course costs $325 with an option for 1 graduate credit from Colorado State University – Pueblo for $125 more.

A 3-credit course costs $850 (credit fee included).

Both course types may require additional texts at varying prices.

Can I get a refund?

If after completing the first module, you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, we will gladly refund you the cost of the course.   If you have any questions regarding a refund, please email

I have questions about the programs that Outreach offers through SNHU

Please see our SNHU page, or contact SNHU directly at 888.387.0861 |

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