Executive Function: Foundations for Learning and Teaching

143 pages, soft cover

Landmark’s Language-Based Teaching Series provides the essential information and practical classroom resources that educators need to build students’ language and literacy skills. Each book provides concise explanations, mini-case studies, and online access to customizable materials for classroom use.

What you’ll find in Executive Function: Foundations for Learning and Teaching:

  • Concise information about executive function and its relation to academic proficiency
  • Explanations of the roles of attention, memory, emotion, motivation, and effort in learning
  • Practical teaching strategies for enhancing executive skills
  • Student profiles and and student comments on learning experiences
  • Online and printable resources for classroom use
  • Suggestions for further reading

This book also includes a link to download the templates that can be found throughout the text.

This is the required text for the Executive Function: Impact on Academic Proficiency online course.

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About the Author

Patricia W. Newhall

Patricia W. Newhall, M.A., M.S.Ed., is the former associate director of the Landmark School Outreach Program. A teacher of literature, writing, and study skills since 1987, she has taught at the middle school, high school, college and post-graduate levels, and has worked in public and independent schools. In her publications, lectures, and graduate courses, she shares research about learning disabilities and differences, and the teaching strategies essential to building the skills and confidence of struggling learners. Newhall’s books include Executive Function: Foundations for Learning and Teaching; Language-Based Learning Disabilities; Study Skills: Research-Based Teaching Strategies; and Teaching Independent Minds.

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