These resources were created and/or collected by Outreach staff to assist you in better understanding how to teach students with LBLD.

  • Create Community in a Virtual Classroom

    Learn effective ways to create community in a virtual classroom. Edutopia offers suggestions on how to help teachers connect with their students and help them get to know each other in a remote setting. 

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  • Debunk Common Dyslexia Myths

    Debunk common dyslexia myths. The Gaab Lab out of Children’s Hospital Boston takes 31 popular misconceptions about dyslexia and learning and uses research to show why these ideas are incorrect.  The page also provides links to the latest research on the topic of learning and dyslexia.

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  • Meaningful Learning Experiences Online

    Understand the importance of creating meaningful learning experiences online.  Edsurge outlines three common mistakes that are made in the virtual classroom and gives tips on how to make this new, often challenging, learning environment engaging and purposeful.

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  • Summer Reading 2020: Race, Equity, and Inclusion

    The 2020 summer reading list was created by our high school librarian, Amy Veling, and inspired by the work of and conversations with Landmark’s Diversity and Inclusion Advocates, a group of faculty on campus that strives to recognize racial and cultural inequality and to help make sure that the school community embraces diversity and is

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  • Teaching Grit

    Learn more about teaching grit.  Edusurge shares an excerpt from Paul Trough’s book: Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why which outlines that teaching grit is more about the environment created by the teacher rather than explicit lessons, like those akin to mathematics, on the topic of grit. 

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  • Tips for Keeping Remote Students Engaged

    Learn tips for keeping remote students engaged. Edutopia outlines the science behind motivation and also offers strategies and best practices for creating an engaging online classroom.

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  • Social Emotional Learning and Distance Learning

    Explore the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) website for guidelines and resources for incorporating SEL in a remote learning environment.

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  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

    Explore these question starters that use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a way to effectively structure questions that both gauge and assess students’ level of understanding on a given topic.

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  • Center for Online Learning and Students with Disabilities

    Explore the Center for Online Learning and Students with Disabilities website to gather resources and ideas for supporting students with disabilities in an online learning environment.

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