Categorizing as Practice and Review

Practice and review help students develop automaticity. Automaticity enables students to focus their attention on applying knowledge and skills in complex situations. While worksheets and drills provide practice, another activity that students enjoy is categorizing cards. This multisensory strategy for review and practice is flexible enough to use across the curriculum. Students can practice with number concepts, sentence types, chemical elements, and historical events.

This resource shares ideas for using the concept of categorizing to help students gain automaticity within various subjects.

For the full text of the Landmark Teaching Principles™, including “Ensure Automatization through Practice and Review,” click here.

Strategies to Download

Mathematics: Categorizing Inequalities

This activity helps students focus on the concepts of greater than versus less than while reviewing inequalities.


Language Arts: Categorizing Parts of Speech

This activity helps students review how words can be used in different contexts as they focus on parts of speech.


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