Student Advocates

We as Student Advocates take action to inspire and enlighten students, educators, and others about learning differences to create a more inclusive environment for future generations.

Who we are:

Hannah P, Cole, Alejandra, Kyle, Kaitlin, Lilly, Nicholas, Neve, Summer, Hannah T

What we do:

INSPIRE: We inspire students to advocate for themselves and their peers both inside and outside of the classroom.

EDUCATE: We educate future teachers studying education at colleges and graduate schools in Boston and the surrounding area by providing personal anecdotes, skills, and techniques.

ADVOCATE: We advocate for changes in teaching practices to better meet the needs of students with learning differences.

Student Advocates Brochure

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What do the Student Advocates do?

Each year, a small group seniors add another time-consuming commitment to their schedules that requires travel, public speaking, and sharing personal stories. Read more about the Student Advocate program in this article!

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