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Spotlight on Language-Based Teaching is a monthly e-resource free to all who join the Outreach mailing list. Spotlight highlights a teaching strategy and explains the how-to of implementing it.

Games to Reinforce Reading and Spelling

Using Game Boards
Print out the game board (or create your own generic game board.) Make cards for the skills that need reinforcing. Dice and playing pieces are needed. Roll the dice, move the number of squares and select a card. Complete the task indicated on the card. Then it becomes the next player’s turn. Elements of chance cards (roll again, move back 2 spaces) add excitement to the game.  See the sample below and then get started creating your own game to play with your students.

Use sight words
Use words following a particular linguistic pattern
Use words following a particular syllabication principle
Use words following spelling principles
Use words that follow common sequences
Use vocabulary words

By Kathleen Babcock, Landmark Elementary Middle School, Case Manager

resources to download

Game Board:

Game board to go with the playing card template below.
click to download pdf

Playing cards:

Print this page and use the blank playing cards to create your own game.
click to download pdf


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