Routines for Success

We often talk about students’ success in relation to assessments and assignments, but their success in classroom discussions is equally important. This resource shares classroom discussion strategies related to the first of Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles™, “Provide Opportunities for Success.”

When teaching lessons, begin by clearly explaining to students the goal and the plan of action. This is especially necessary when working with students who have language-based learning disabilities.

During the discussion parts of the lesson, incorporate routines such as round-robin turn-taking or ball passing to keep all students focused and included.

To avoid disruption of discussions, address behavior issues using a non-verbal system.

Find the text of the teaching principles, including “Provide Opportunities for Success,” here, and see the attachments for examples of classroom routines that allow for success for both elementary and secondary students.

Strategies to Download:

Before an Activity

These routines help set up activities, so that students can be successful.


Non-verbal Cueing

These routines help students refocus without interrupting the flow of a lesson.


Class Discussions: Turn-taking

These routines allow students to be prepared to answer, and make sure that students who struggle with expressing their ideas are given an opportunity to do so.


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