Using Appropriate Technology to Access Curriculum

May 18, 2017

Technology Review
While there are a variety of technological tools that can be used to aid students as they access curriculum, technology should never replace skill instruction. Teachers should be intentional about which programs and apps they choose to incorporate, as well as how they plan to utilize them within their lessons. Technology is best used when it allows students to feel successful in their mastery of both content and skills. When it comes to educational technology, there is no one size fits all approach. Any time a new tool is introduced for student use, it should be researched well and targeted for a specific purpose. Therefore, ample time is needed to provide the necessary training for both staff and students to receive instruction and practice using these new tools.

In a whole group setting, technology can be used to support instruction by incorporating tools to aid in the exploration and review of curriculum. The attached resource contains suggestions for utilizing technology in the classroom.

How Does This Connect to Landmark’s Teaching Principles™?
Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are many different learning styles. Using technology to enhance instruction in the classroom can help teachers ensure that they are providing material that will address each of the learning styles. In this way, the teacher is meeting Landmark’s first Teaching Principle, “Provide Opportunities for Success.” By encouraging students to engage with the material in a variety of formats, the teacher can help to ensure that each student can access the curriculum. This can be particularly helpful for students who may not have the same success in a paper-pen driven environment. These repeated and differing exposures to the curriculum promote student success, especially for students who lack confidence in certain skill areas. For the full text of the Landmark Teaching Principles™, including “Provide Opportunities for Success,” click here.

Strategies to Download

Preview sample potential lesson activity structures for incorporating technology.


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