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Accessible Middle School Math: Interactive Multimodal Lessons to Engage Students – Summer Institute 2024

This interactive 2-day seminar features innovative methods to explain and perform the concepts and procedures that are customarily taught at the middle school level. Concrete manipulatives, graphic organizers, gross motor/kinesthetic activities, and visual imagery techniques provide students with the ability to perceive and process abstract material that may otherwise elude or overwhelm them. Participants will learn to adapt or create materials to provide necessary structure and scaffolding to enable students (not their parents) to initiate and complete independent assignments, as well as foster increased vigilance, precision, and independence by promoting a growth mindset that rewards process before product. This seminar offers the opportunity to participate in an interactive lecture format and hands-on cooperative learning activities, as well as demonstrate teaching strategies through peer teaching assignments. Participants are expected to demonstrate the ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills as they analyze and synthesize the academic theories and practical therapies that are presented. Gross motor, visual, auditory, and tactile kinesthetic modalities will be supported through a variety of participatory activities.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Compensate for executive function and working memory deficits by teaching math concepts and procedures in an integrated manner using whole-to-part strategies.
  • Present math concepts referenced by the Common Core Math Standards from the primary reference point of students using multiple modalities.



This course is appropriate for educators at the middle school level.



Materials will be provided on-site.



There is an option to add one (1) graduate credit to this 2-day course from Fitchburg State University. Graduate credit is optional; the cost is $210 and the non-refundable payment is made directly to Fitchburg. The timeline to opt into graduate credit is firm and details will be available once the course begins so you can make your final decision at that time.



  • Delivery mode: In-person.
  • Attendance: Live, on the date and time listed in the course information section.

Course Information

10 Hours/PDPs
1 Optional Graduate Credit
Dates/Time Price
July 10-11, 2024
8:30am - 3:00pm

Teachers Say...

The instructor provided us with opportunities to try out the teaching techniques they were introducing. This hands-on learning was helpful to understanding how students might feel interacting with the lessons.

About the Instructor

Christopher L. Woodin, Ed.M.

Christopher Woodin, Ed.M., is a specialist in the fields of mathematics and learning disabilities. He has been with Landmark School since 1986 where he is the Math Department Head and holds the Ammerman Chair of Mathematics. He is a graduate of Middlebury College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Chris has published several articles, including a recent one through the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity and is the author and director of His latest book is entitled Multiplication and Division Facts for the Whole-to-Part Visual Learner, and he is currently developing a computer-based numeracy program with Nessy Learning in the UK. Chris was a past Massachusetts Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) Samuel Kirk Educator of the Year, and he served on the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Mathematics 2011 Curriculum Frameworks Panel. He presents internationally on topics involving multimodal math instruction and learning disabilities.

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