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Sarah Ward: Executive Function Skills: Success in the Classroom – Summer Institute 2024

Please note that you may register for this course individually or as part of the 5-day elementary or middle & high school Executive Function Academy.


What skills do students need to learn to be organized and successful in managing their own
time and tasks in the classroom? This multidisciplinary workshop will provide practical,
hands-on strategies to develop students’ executive function skills for success in school. The
term “executive function” is used to describe the skill set required for setting goals, carrying out
organized steps, and modifying a plan to complete a task successfully in the classroom.
Difficulty with executive function isn’t a diagnosis or learning disability on its own, but it’s a
common concern for students with learning and attention issues. All students benefit from
instructional strategies that foster executive function skills; however, students with traumatic
brain injury, ADHD, and specific learning disabilities frequently experience difficulties with these
particular skills.

Special education teachers, general education teachers, and ancillary staff will learn
specially-designed instructional strategies for “Being a Beat Ahead,” “Building an Internal
Sweep of the Sense of Time,” and “Get Ready-Do-Done.” Beginners and advanced participants
will learn and practice these strategies to improve students’ awareness, working memory,
hindsight and forethought skills, impulse control, cognitive flexibility, organization, and time/task

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • State the functional working definition of  what is meant by the term “executive function skills”as it pertains to therapeutic interventions.  
  • Identify the typical developmental course of the executive function skills and define Executive Dysfunction 
  • Define how situational awareness (the ability to read a room), self talk, forethought , gesture/movement and episodic memory are the foundational skills for successful task execution 
  • Develop an intervention program to foster a student’s ability to form more independent executive function skills by describing therapeutic activities to improve: 
    • Situational awareness and forethought 
    • Task planning, task initiation and transition within and between tasks 
    • Active self management of the factors related to the passage of time – sequence, duration, analog time, time markers
    • Organized thinking of self, space, tasks and materials
    • Internal self-talk for initiating tasks



This course is appropriate for educators at all levels (elementary, middle, secondary).



Materials will be provided on-site.



  • Delivery mode: In-person.
  • Attendance: Live, on the date and time listed in the course information section.

Course Information

5 Hours
Dates/Time Price
July 8, 2024
8:30am - 3:00pm

Teachers Say...

Over 98% of educators felt that their Outreach Summer Institute seminar provided them with strategies and tools that will help their students.

About the Instructor

Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP

Sarah Ward has over 25 years of experience in the treatment of executive dysfunction. Sarah is an internationally recognized expert on executive function and presents seminars on the programs and strategies she has developed with her Co-Director Kristen Jacobsen. Their 360 Thinking Executive Function Program received the Innovative Promising Practices Award from the National Organization CHADD. She has presented to over 1800 public and private schools and organizations worldwide. In recognition of their global influence in the field of twice-exceptional learning, Sarah and Kristen Jacobsen were the honored recipients of the Nancy Tarshis Legacy Fellowship Award. Further solidifying their status as eminent figures in their field, Sarah and Kristen were named one of the Top 10 Professional Development Providers for 2023 by Education Technology Insights Magazine.

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