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2 Day Seminars

Multisensory Strategies for Spelling and Decoding – Summer Institute 2024

For all students, but especially students with language-based learning disabilities, repetition is key when learning new concepts. This 2-day seminar will begin with a brief overview of reading and spelling development and an explanation of the link between skills. Participants will then learn how to create and use relevant manipulatives and multimodal activities to interactively review fundamental skills, progressing from sounds to syllables to word parts and morphology. Games and activities that review decoding patterns and spelling rules will be a primary focus, but the strategies, resources, and techniques presented are applicable to any content area or word work.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand certain phonological skills, morphological concepts and orthographic conventions
  • Adapt word lists/content into both paper-based and virtual game formats
  • Generate meaningful activities that integrate curriculum and study skills
  • Adapt and micro-unit various reading and spelling skills to meet student needs
  • Diversify lesson plans by incorporating interactive tasks and supplemental activities



This course is appropriate for educators at all levels (elementary, middle, secondary).



Materials will be provided on-site.



There is an option to add one (1) graduate credit to this 2-day course from Fitchburg State University. Graduate credit is optional; the cost is $210 and the non-refundable payment is made directly to Fitchburg. The timeline to opt into graduate credit is firm and details will be available once the course begins so you can make your final decision at that time.



  • Delivery mode: In-person.
  • Attendance: Live, on the date and time listed in the course information section.

Course Information

10 Hours/PDPs
1 Optional Graduate Credit
Dates/Time Price
July 15-16, 2024
8:30am - 3:00pm

Teachers Say...

It was a spin on games I typically play in my reading lessons but made me look at them using a different lens. It will take the thinking to the next level for my students and also spice up the routine parts of my lessons.

About the Instructor

Hazel Crowley, M.S.Ed.

Hazel has worked at Landmark Elementary-Middle School since 2014, primarily teaching one-to-one tutorials to students ranging from third to eighth grade. She also teaches oral expression and literature classes at the middle school level and is a frequent contributor to The Lantern, Landmark’s magazine. In addition, Hazel helps to run InReach, Outreach’s program to provide meaningful professional development to all educators at Landmark. Hazel holds a bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and earned her master’s degree in special education from Simmons University.

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