Essential Steps to Effective Instruction

Motivating students can be challenging. Strategies such as “recognize and celebrate success” or “provide students with opportunities to make decisions and choices” are vital to teaching.1 Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles™ lie at the heart of our instructional strategies. When they guide instruction, these principles help motivate students because they foster engagement with schoolwork and provide students with the structure they need to be successful in school.


  • Provide Opportunities for Success
  • Use Multisensory Approaches
  • Micro-Unit and Structure Tasks
  • Ensure Automatization through Practice and Review
  • Provide Models
  • Include Students in the Learning Process

Many of our resources offer examples of how to put Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles™ into action in the classroom. While each strategy has a different focus, they all include similar steps essential to effective instruction. For the full text explanations of Landmark’s Six Teaching Principles™, click here.

Strategies to Download

See the attached document for 10 essential steps for effective instruction.



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